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Warning: This part is intended for use on racing vehicles that are used exclusively for competition in closed-course racing events.

Truck Fitment Guide

  • 2003 - 2007 Cummins
  • 2001 - 2015 Duramax
  • 1996 - 2016 Powerstroke


Could your truck use some more horsepower and torque? How about better fuel economy? The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Diesel has one of the widest ranges of compatibility than most other similar products on the market.

It comes preloaded with tunes for everyday driving and towing, with extra storage space to accommodate up to 10 custom tunes that are specifically designed for your vehicle. With a full-color LED screen with side buttons, you can easily monitor parameters, read and clear DTCs, and test your truck's performance with driving tests.

If you're trying to find ways to increase your fuel economy, the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum's Driving Coach gives you tips and tricks to improve your driving style. The GT Platinum is a plug-and-play tuner created to increase the performance of your truck.


Top Features

  • Gains: over 100HP and 200 ft-lbs TQ!*
  • Full Tuning Kit: Tuner and monitor in an all in one device!
  • Full-color LED screen with easy to navigate controls; multiple gauges and color displays
  • Comes with preloaded tunes; store up to 10 custom tunes designed for your truck
  • Driving Coach helps you develop good driving habits and increase your fuel economy
  • Read and clear DTCs
  • Monitor parameters such as fuel economy, coolant temperature, engine RPMs, mass air flow, oil temperature, and injection control pressure*
  • Performance testing to measure your truck's output
  • Plug-and-play programmer and tuner compatible with 2003-2017 Cummins 5.9L/6.7L, 2001-2015 Duramax 6.6L, AND 1999-2016 Powerstroke 7.3L/6.0L/6.4L/6.7L**


More Bully Dog GT Platinum Features

The Display Monitor

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum's 2.4€� LCD full-color display is completely customizable to fit your needs. The tuner comes with two light settings: daytime mode and nighttime mode. These settings automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to the ambient light, making it easier for you to see during any time of day. You can change the color scheme and tailor the screen to display multiple parameters at the same time.

Easy Installation

The display monitor attaches to a universal suction-cup mount that you can attach to any flat surface in your vehicle. It firmly sticks to your windshield, your dash, or your window for simple viewing options. Bully Dog's Triple Dog GT Platinum is a plug-and-play tuner that plugs right into your OBD-II port to upload tunes to your ECM.

The programmer comes with free Internet updates from Bully Dog's website, so you'll always have the most up-to-date software on your device. Your package comes with a USB-cable that connects to your computer to download the software and any custom-made tunes.

Read and Clear DTCs

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum is also a diagnostic tool. When your truck throws a code, your programmer's code reader option lets you read DTCs. If it is an easy fix, you can perform the work yourself. The GT Platinum also allows you to clear the code after you complete the work. This helpful program can save you money on a trip to a mechanic.

Pre-loaded and Custom Tunes

This programmer comes loaded with standard tunes designed to optimize your truck's performance. These preloaded tunes give you better horsepower and torque for rough driving or towing situations.

They also calibrate your engine's performance to provide the best fuel economy, saving you money at the pump. Each of these tunes has adjustable power levels, so you can tweak the settings to find the perfect combination of power and performance that you need. The preloaded tunes are perfect for stock trucks or vehicles with minor modifications.

The GT Platinum comes with three preloaded tunes:

  • Tow designed for extra power gains required for towing over 5,000 pounds
  • Performance a small increase in power and performance over stock settings; also compatible with light tows under 5,000 pounds
  • Extreme provides the most power for fuel economy and daily driving; should not be used when towing

You also have the option to keep your truck on stock settings.

Each tune provides the following power gains, depending on your engine.

Results are based on Dyno testing and may vary with your actual vehicle.

Compatible Products

Cummins Unlock Cable required for 2013+ Cummins engines, which €œunlocks€� your 2013+ engine permanently. This means you can use your programmer on another truck as long as it is programmed with a GT Platinum tuner.

Sensor Docking Station with Pyrometer required for displaying aftermarket sensors on your GT Platinum device. The Docking Station and the Pyrometer Probe are also sold separately.

RAM Mirror-Mate Mounting Kit installs your device under the rear-view mirror. There are different model numbers based on the make of your vehicle. There is one for GM vehicles and one for Ford/Dodge/Nissan/Jeep/Toyota vehicles.

GT Armor a silicone case designed to protect your device from damage from impact and moisture.





Engine Specs



Dodge Ram 2500-5500


5.9L and 6.7L

*Unlock Cable required for 2013-2017

*2016 may need an extra update


Ford F-Series 250-550


7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L and 6.7L

*Not compatible with 2013+ Cab and Chassis models and Manual Xfer Case


Ford Excursion


7.3L and 6.0L



GM 2500/3500HD




GM Kodiak/Topkick 4500/5500




GM Savannah/Express 2500/3500



Power Levels

Engine Specs

Tow Tune

Performance Tune

Extreme Tune

Ford 1999-2003 7.3L Powerstroke




Ford 2003-2007 6.0L Powerstroke




Ford 2008-2010 6.4L Powerstroke




Ford 2011-2014 6.7L Powerstroke




Ford 2015 6.7L Powerstroke




GM 2001-2007 6.6L




GM 2007.5-2010 6.6L




GM 2011-2014 6.6L




GM 2015 6.6L





Dodge 2003-2007 5.9L




Dodge 2007.5-2012 6.7L




Dodge 2015 6.7L




If you have Bully Dog or SCT custom tunes designed specifically for your vehicle's modifications, you can store up to ten of them on the device. This option is not available for all makes and models.

The Bully Dog GT Platinum even has a Transmission Adaptive Learning feature. It reads your driving style and changes the way your transmission shifts, making for a much smoother ride.

Performance Testing and Other Diagnostic Functions

The Bully Dog has several diagnostic and monitoring functions, so you'll always know what is going on with your vehicle. The programmer includes performance testing, diagnostic functions, and monitoring capabilities.

Performance Testing

The programmer has two different performance tests: the ¼ Mile Performance Test and the 0-100 KPH Test.

¼ Mile Test measures the performance during a ¼ trip

0-100 KPH Test measures the performance until reaching 100 kilometers per hour, or 62 MPH

Each test has two viewing functions: the Speed-Sensitive Performance Test and the Race Tree Performance Test

Speed-Sensitive begins the test as soon as the vehicle starts moving from a complete stop

Race Tree begins the test as soon as the timer starts, not when the vehicle begins moving

After running a test, you can view your results and save them to your SD card. Using the Performance Testing software a free download available from Bully Dog you can archive your results and analyze them for trends in your speed, horsepower, torque, and RPMs. This software imports into an Excel spreadsheet or a graph so you can keep track of your test results.

Driving Coach

One of the best features for monitoring fuel economy of the Bully Dog GT Platinum is the Driving Coach. This program reads your driving style and provides alerts to help you develop better habits. Using a grading system, the programmer evaluates the way you drove during your trip, giving you tips to improve your fuel economy. The result is less MPGs, which will save you money over time.

Diagnostic and Monitoring Capabilities

The Bully Dog GT Platinum programmer has several diagnostic and monitoring capabilities*, including:

  • Change speed limiter
  • Shift on the fly tuning
  • Adjust tire size for correct speedometer readings
  • Change low-end power
  • Adjust shift points in automatic transmissions
  • Begin DPF Burnoff
  • Transmission tuning
  • Read EGTs in Pyrometer #1 and #2
  • View real time fuel economy level
  • View average fuel economy level
  • View fuel economy of your trip
  • Monitor turbo boost pressure
  • Change rev limiter
  • Monitor engine load
  • Read engine coolant temperature
  • Monitor fuel rail pressure
  • Read manifold absolute pressure
  • View engine RPMs
  • Read your speedometer
  • Monitor timing position
  • Read air intake temperature
  • Read mass air flow in grams/second
  • Read throttle position %
  • Read fuel level
  • Monitor battery voltage
  • Read injection pulse width
  • View ambient air temperature
  • Read transmission temperature
  • Change OEM speedometer
  • Read barometer
  • Read engine oil temperature
  • Read injection control pressure
  • Read fuel usage as gallons/hour
  • Enable accessory delay
  • Turn daytime running lights on or off
  • Delay headlights
  • Horn chip on lock
  • Duration of horn chip on lock
  • Adjust idle shutdown timer
  • Hazard lights flash on lock
  • Change unlock features to unlock all of your doors at one time
  • Enable/disable tire pressure monitoring
  • Disable seat belt reminder
  • Change RPMs of PTO
  • Change engine idle values
  • Enable fog lights and high beams for simultaneous use
  • ·nable/disable automatic door lock when vehicle in motion

*Not all of these features may be available for your vehicle. The diagnostic and monitoring capabilities will vary depending on your make, model, and engine.
More detailed information for each make and engine is available in the charts below. Results may vary according to your vehicle and its modifications.


Youtube Videos

Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner 40420 Review from Diesel Ops This video gives an excellent review of all of the features included in the Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner. The host also addresses some overlooked issues with packaging, such as what is included with your purchase and easy-to-miss parts. Watching this video is essential before installing your Bully Dog GT Diesel Tuner.

User Guide

You can find the installation guide for your Bully Dog GT Platinum programmer here: https://az824306.vo.msecnd.net/bdgtpd/40410-289_GT_QIG_v7(EPA).pdf

Bully Dog also has a complete user manual available here: http://old.bullydog.com/documents/40420-99_GTP_Diesel_instructions_v4.0.pdf

You can also visit Bully Dog's support page for any questions relating to setup or other troubleshooting issues: https://derivesystems.helpjuice.com/49355-bully-dog


Your Bully Dog product may require some updates before you connect it to your vehicle. When you receive your programmer, make sure you have a Windows computer with internet access to download the appropriate programs.

Before connecting the programmer to your computer, visit Bully Dog's website and download the Update Agent. This is the software that updates Bully Dog programmers. From the site's main page, click on the €œSupport€� tab in the upper right-hand corner. From there, click on the €œSoftware€� page, where you'll find the link to download the Update Agent, or you can find it here:


Run the program when it is finished downloading. The Update Agent will guide you through the rest of the installation. You'll also need to download the Performance Testing software. You can find the software here:


After completing the software downloads, place the SD card inside the card reader. Insert the card reader inside a USB port on your computer. If your computer doesn't register the SD card reader, place the SD card inside the programmer and connect the device to your computer with the USB cable.

Once the device is connected to the computer, press the second button on the left-hand side of the device. Input your vehicle make, model, and year to complete the update.

Using the OBD-II cord, connect your device to the OBD-II port under your dash. Remove any required fuses before turning on the device. When tuning your vehicle, turn off the radio and any other electronic devices (this includes stock and aftermarket electronics).

Use a trickle charger to boost your vehicle to at least 12V. This power will ensure that the uploading process goes more smoothly. Turn your ignition on (but don't start the vehicle). On the main menu of the device, select the €œInstall Download€� option. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload the tunes to the ECM. After this process is complete, replace the fuses.

To install the key-on feature, there is a separate process in which you'll have to connect the device to the fuse. See the instructions below:

  • Locate the key-on fuse (using either the vehicle's owner manual or a 12V fuse test light).
  • Remove the key-on fuse. Find the accessory side of the socket.
  • Put the key in your ignition and place it in the €œon€� position. Using the probe of the 12V fuse test light, test each side of the socket. Make a note of the side that didn't activate the fuse light.
  • Connect the tuner's power cable to the fuse box. Tap the fuse and place it in the side of the socket without power.
  • Connect the adapter and the power cable. Switch the adapter plug switch to the €œkey€� position.
  • Run the wires under the dash for a clean look.

Choose a spot on your dash or windshield to mount the device. Clean the area and attach the Universal Windshield Mount to the device. Place the suction cup on the cleaned area, sliding the lever down to completely secure it to the surface.


Does it Support Bluetooth / Mobile App Functionality?

No. The GT Platinum doesn't have Bluetooth or mobile app functionalities.

Does it Offer Transmission Tuning?

Yes, it offers transmission tuning, but only for certain makes and models. Check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Does it Offer €˜On the Fly' Adjustments?

Yes, it offers €œon the fly€� adjustments, but only for certain makes and models. For example, Duramax engines LML and LGH cannot shift on the fly. Check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Does it Support DPF Deletes?

No. The Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel does not support DPF Deletes. It is not legal in California on pollution-controlled vehicles. However, this programmer is available in two versions a 50-State Legal edition and a Federal EPA compliant edition. The Federal EPA Compliant version is not available for use (or sale) in California due to environmental regulations, but it is legal in the rest of the 49 U.S. states. The 50-State Legal edition is legal for use in all 50 U.S. states.

Is There a Manual or Installation Guide?

The installation guide for the Bully Dog GT Platinum programmer is available here: https://az824306.vo.msecnd.net/bdgtpd/40410-289_GT_QIG_v7(EPA).pdf.

The complete user manual is available here: http://old.bullydog.com/documents/40420-99_GTP_Diesel_instructions_v4.0.pdf.

Both are suggested resources for installing and setting up your device. You can find answers to any questions you may have at the Bully Dog support page here: https://derivesystems.helpjuice.com/49355-bully-dog

What Tools Are Needed for Installation?

Depending on the features you want to access, you'll need certain tools to install the GT Platinum. Make sure you remove all the parts from the packaging the GT Platinum monitor, the windshield mount, the HDMI cable, the OBD-II adapter plug, the SD card, the SD card reader, the mini USB cable, the fuse spade, the fuse tap, and the power cable.

To access certain features, such as automatic door unlock and automatic lights, through your tuner, you'll need to connect your device to fuses. Make sure you have a fuse puller, pliers, a battery charger, and a voltage tester.

What is the Average Installation Time?

The manufacturer suggests setting aside at least 30 minutes for the initial setup of the software and downloading the tunes to your vehicle. If you plan on hooking your device into fuses, this may take longer.

Are There Any Required Add-ons?

Depending on your engine, you may need to purchase some accessories. The Cummins Unlock Cable is required for all 2013+ Cummins engines. When you install your device using this cable, it unlocks your engine so you can use it on multiple trucks. However, the other vehicle must be paired with a GT Tuner.

If you want to install aftermarket sensors, then the Sensor Docking Station is required.

What is the difference between custom tunes and preloaded tunes?

The preloaded tunes are better for stock trucks or trucks with few modifications. If your vehicle has extensive mods, such as bigger injectors or a larger turbo, then you'll need a certified tuning dealer to create custom tunes for you. The GT Platinum can store up to 10 of these custom tunes on the device.

How many performance tests can I save to my computer at one time?

You can export 20 test results at a time from the SD card in your device to your PC.

Since the device is customizable, can I override certain features that make the GT Platinum EPA compliant?

If you change the device's features, keep in mind you may be violating the Clean Air Act, which is against the law. Bully Dog does not take responsibility for any adjustments you make that violate this act. The maximum penalty for violating this act may include a civil judgement that totals to about $100,000 fine (as of 2016). You can find more information about the Clean Air Act here: https://www.epa.gov/enforcement/clean-air-act-caa-and-federal-facilities

I can't find the Performance Testing software. Where can I download it?

The link to the Performance Testing software for the GT Platinum Diesel is available here:


Does the Bully Dog Gt Platinum comes with a warranty?

Yes. The device has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

How do I know if my device is VIN-locked to my vehicle?

As soon as you hook the device to the OBD-II port and download the tunes to your ECM, you can only use the programmer on your vehicle. This means that your GT Platinum is VIN-locked to your truck.

What is Bully Dog's return or exchange policy?

Before sending the GT Platinum back, you'll need to return your vehicle to stock settings. This releases the VIN-lock and unpairs it from your vehicle. If you return the product without removing the VIN-lock, it cannot be repaired or resold, so the return or exchange may be denied.