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The fully-customizable MADS Smarty Touch Programmer is one of the fastest, user-friendly programmers designed to enhance the performance of your 1998.5-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins. With a 4.3€� touch-screen display and a separate controller, the Smarty Touch's screen starts within four seconds to get you on the road faster.

  • Compatible with 1998.5-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins
  • HP gains: up to 210HP, depending on model year
  • Average fuel economy gains are 1-4 MPG!
  • 4.3€� touch screen display with 480 x 272-pixel resolution, starts up in four seconds
  • Separate display and controller with microSD card storage for faster speeds
  • Included microSD card stores multiple custom UDC tunes; compatible with any microSD card formatted with FAT file system
  • Monitor your truck's performance by adjusting over 300 parameters and reading/clearing diagnostic codes
  • ECM download/updates in 1.5-6 minutes (depending on model year)

Depending on the model year of your truck, ECM updates take six minutes or less. The included microSD card stores custom tunes that you can change based on your driving needs. Depending on your model year, the CaTCHER software can increase gains up to 210HP.

With the MADS Smarty Touch Programmer, you can read and clear DTCs, monitor parameters, and save your data, helping you get the most out of your Dodge.

Smarty Touch Fitment

The MADS Smarty Touch will fit the following trucks:

  • Dodge RAM Trucks 1998.5 - 2018

Available Tunes by Truck Year

Tune Number

1998.5-2002 5.9L*

2003-2007 5.9L

 2007.5-2018 6.7L

SW #0

Half Power

Half Power

Half Power

SW #1

Fuel Saver

+30HP with added timing

+30HP with added timing

SW #2

Only more fuel and Boost fooling

+60HP no timing

+60HP no timing

SW #3

Only more fuel and Boost fooling + added timing

+60HP with timing

+60HP with timing

SW #4

Soft CaTCHER no added timing

+90HP no added timing

+90HP no added timing

SW #5

Soft CaTCHER added timing

+90HP added timing

+90HP added timing

SW #6

Mild CaTCHER no added timing

+160HP no added timing

+130HP no added timing

SW #7

Mild CaTCHER added timing

+160HP added timing

+130HP added timing

SW #8

CaTCHER no added timing

+210HP no added timing

+170HP no added timing

SW #9

CaTCHER with timing

+210HP with timing

+170HP with timing

Main Features

Below are the main features that standout with the Smarty Touch.

The Touchscreen/Controller

With a dual touchscreen and controller design, the MADS SMARTY Touch has incredible speed for installing tunes and checking parameters. The touchscreen and controller each come with their own CPU that powers the individual device. That means one CPU powers the graphics and user software in the display, and another communicates just with the ECM. With a separate CPU devoted only to uploading tunes, the SMARTY Touch has one of the fastest update times on the market today. Depending on your model year, you can switch tunes in six minutes or less.

The SMARTY display turns on within seconds of starting your truck. It has a 4.3€� touch-screen with a 480 x 272 resolution capable of displaying 16.3 million colors for viewing the user interface. It attaches right to your windshield with the included dash mount for easy access and more control over monitoring the conditions of your vehicle.

For monitoring parameters, the display has four dashboards you can customize.

The SMARTY Touch has five different gauge layout options:

  • 4 Analog Gauges
  • 2 Analog Gauges and 3 Digital Gauges
  • 1 Analog Gauge and 5 Digital Gauges
  • 6 Digital Gauges
  • 5 Digital Gauges

You can set these individual gauges to display specific parameters, with completely configurable ranges. That means you can set the range within which you will monitor the particular parameter on the digital gauges. These measurements are displayed as easy-to-read colored bars. The SMARTY Touch gauges will show the highest value within the range you set so you can monitor your truck's performance.

Although there are two separate units the touchscreen and the controller you don't have to worry about threading double the wires. The SMARTY Touch comes with a micro-USB cable that connects both the touchscreen and the controller to make installing this tuner as seamless as possible.

The Software

The MADS SMARTY Touch comes with the company's CaTCHER software, which provides ten preset tunes within the programmer. The company's updated add-on software, the UDC User-Defined CaTCHER is compatible with all SMARTY tuners and programmers, so you don't have to worry about switching from one device to another.

The UDC feature is an update you install from your PC to your programmer. Compatible with both 5.9L and 6.7L trucks, the software allows you to input any after-market modifications and add-ons from your vehicle, such as tire size, intake, turbo, exhaust, etc. UDC requires at least Firmware 1.1.2 for installation. After it is installed, the UDC software reads your truck's OEM software, allowing you to tweak parameters as needed to give you the best tune for your vehicle.

Customization and Updates

Even with the software addition, you aren't limited to device storage with the SMARTY Touch. The programmer includes a microSD card for extra memory, where you can store tunes and your software updates. Since the device works with any microSD card formatted with the FAT file system, you can use your own SD card as well. Since the storage space is separate from the device memory, updates are faster than with other tuners and programmers.

MADS offers free internet updates for all of their products, so you always have the best software on your SMARTY Touch. If you have a 2018 Dodge RAM, you may be required to update the SMARTY Touch before using it.

Read/Clear DTCs

When the SMARTY Touch reads a potential issue, it alerts you with diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). You can read these codes yourself to see if the problem warrants a visit to your local mechanic. If you can do the work yourself, you can clear the DTC code after you resolve the problem. In some cases, it may be a deeper issue that needs the expertise of a qualified mechanic.

Although the SMARTY Touch is VIN-locked meaning that you can only program it to one vehicle at a time the DTC reader is not. You can use it if a friend is having a problem with their truck without having to return your vehicle to stock.

Data Logging

With the SMARTY Touch's data logging feature, you can record and save all of your measurements from your gauges. The programmer saves the readings in real-time and you can export the data to a spreadsheet on your computer to watch for trends or any other potential issues that may arise.

Using the data logging feature regularly is a great way to stay informed of the health of your truck and perform preventative maintenance before small problems become big ones. You can even track the differences between tunes to see which one works best for your vehicle!


Does it Support Bluetooth / Mobile App Functionality?

No, the SMARTY Touch does not support Bluetooth/mobile app functionality.

Does it Offer Transmission Tuning?

No, the SMARTY Touch does not offer transmission tuning. There is currently no option for add-ons for transmission tuning.

Does it Offer €˜On the Fly' Adjustments (Can it switch tunes while driving?

The SMARTY Touch does not offer €œon the fly€� adjustments without the add-on accessory, the SMARTY Com-Mod.

Does it Support DPF Deletes?

No, the SMARTY Touch does not support DPF deletes or emission delete software.

Is There a Link to a Manual or Installation Guide?

You can find the User Manual in our €œInstallation & Setup€� section above, or you can download it here.

What is the Average Installation Time?

The SMARTY Touch is designed to be easy-to-install quick to get started. The software installation only takes a matter of minutes. The hardware installation hooking the programmer into your truck should only take about twenty minutes or less, depending on your knowledge and experience.

What Tools Are Needed for Installation?

Since the SMARTY Touch is a plug-and-play tuner, you don't need any special tools. The programmer comes with everything you need to install it, including the dash mount and zip ties for threading the wires. If you want to thread the cables under your dash, make sure you have a trim panel removal tool (or a flathead screwdriver) handy.

Are There Any Required Add-ons to Ensure it Operates Properly?

Your programmer may require additional accessories, depending on your make and model. All model years require the MADS SMARTY UDC Pro RT Dongle to upload the software to the programmer. If you have a 2013+ Dodge RAM, then you need the MADS SMARTY Com-Mod Communication Module for your programmer to work properly. Although it is required for 2013+ models, it allows shift-on-the-fly capabilities for 2010+ models.

Is the SMARTY Touch legal in California?

No, the SMARTY Touch is not legal for use in California.

Can I use this programmer on multiple trucks?

No, the SMARTY Touch is VIN-locked, but you can buy additional VIN licenses to use it on more than one vehicle. If you return your truck to stock, you can use the SMARTY on another vehicle. You can only use the programmer on one truck at a time.

Can I install my files from my SMARTY Touch on a Mac computer?

As of 2019, you can only install the software and upload tunes to the SMARTY Touch on a Windows computer. It is not compatible with a Mac. However, you can use a Mac to upgrade a SMARTY since you are only copying files.

Why can't I unzip my SMARTY files?

Since SMARTY files are so large, they are placed in zipped files for download. To open them, you need to download the 7zip program. You can find the download here:

What is the CaTCHER software?

CaTCHER is the software that SMARTY uses for its tunes. It improves injection timing, torque, and throttle response. The software uses your ECM to create custom tunes specifically for your vehicle. You can also change parameters within the ten tunes available on the programmer to get the best conditions for your truck.

What is the difference between €œadded timing€� and €œno added timing€� on the different tunes?

The CaTCHER tunes are designed to increase your throttle response. The €œadded timing€� is useful when you are driving in more dangerous conditions where you want a delayed response in the throttle, such as bad weather or slippery roads.

Can I change between tunes without going back to stock?

Yes! The SMARTY is designed for you to change tunes without having to return to your stock settings for more convenience.

Will my mechanic or dealer be able to tell that I used the SMARTY when I bring my truck in for maintenance?

It depends on your model year. The SMARTY is completely undetectable on 5.9L trucks after you return it to stock. With 6.7L trucks, the programmer will be detectable: 2013+ model years need an ECM unlock, so this will be visible after using it. This is the case for all programmers, not just the SMARTY.

Does the SMARTY Touch come with a turbo timer shut-off?

No, it does not have the option for turbo timer shut-off.

Can I change my power levels when my truck is running?

To adjust your power levels, you have to do so when your truck is turned off. However, if you have a 5.9L or a 2007.5-2009 6.7L, these models come with a €œPower on Demand€� option that lets you adjust your power levels when your truck is turned on.

What fuel economy gains can I expect out of the SMARTY Touch?

On average, most users see a gain of 1-4 MPG or even more, if they use the fuel-saver tunes regularly. These tunes are designed to maximize your fuel economy. You can also get more MPG with the higher power levels since you aren't working your engine as hard to get the maximum output. However, the key to using the higher power levels is not to be tempted to €œtest€� out the higher power.

Can I hook up a back-up camera to the SMARTY Touch?

No, this programmer cannot hook up a back-up camera.

Will the SMARTY Touch give me a more sensitive throttle?

Yes, the programmer will increase throttle sensitivity. Pairing it with a throttle sensitivity booster will provide best results.

Will the SMARTY Touch void my warranty?

Although this programmer doesn't leave a footprint on 5.9L trucks, it can damage your vehicle if you abuse it. You should always check with your dealer before installing any aftermarket modifications. Always abide by the terms of your warranty when considering alterations to your vehicle.

Does the SMARTY Touch work on manual transmissions?

Yes, this programmer works on manual transmissions.